🥰 We take care of you. At Pincho Nation, you have to show Coronapas from Friday, November 12th.  🥰
This applies to all persons from 15 years and up.
We follow the rules of the authorities. The following applies for a valid corona passport:

👉🏼 You are fully vaccinated or have received the first jab at least 14 and at most 42 days ago.

👉🏼 You have a negative PCR test - not older than 72 hours or a quick test - not older than 48 hours old.

👉🏼 You have previously been infected with Covid-19. Your Coronapas is valid 14 days after a positive PCR test until 6 months after.

👉🏼 Are you exempt? Requirements for documentation for exemption from tests and corona passes apply here.

See you at Pincho Nation 🤩