Pincho Nation - the app restaurant

We are a Swedish restaurant chain serving small plates from cuisines across the world. Think a delicious mix of burgers, dumplings and paella, yummy desserts and colourful drinks. We aim to have something for every taste. Our restaurants have extravagant décor in fabulous colours. Our guests book tables, order and pay in our app. In fact, we were the first restaurant in the world to have all orders made through an app.  

Our history
2012 - Pinchos (our name in Sweden) opens its first restaurant in Gothenburg. The concept is based on an original Swedish idea.
2014 - We open our concept up to franchisees.
2017 - International launches start under the name Pincho Nation.
2018 - Pinchos opens its sixtieth restaurant in Sweden. Pincho Nation has restaurants in Norway, Denmark and Finland.
2019 - Pincho Nation opens in Berlin, Germany.

Open Pincho Nation-restaurant

Would you like to run your own franchise?

The Pincho Nation concept has been a success throughout the Nordics and in Europe. And we are constantly growing. Would you like to join our family?

Sustainability in many ways

We work with sustainability within our business in many ways. This means that we try to make choices and act in a way that is sustainable for people and the environment alike. Find out more about our ongoing projects.


Book a table, orderand pay in the app