Welcome to our world of wonders! At Pincho Nation we offer a fun loving and extravagant restaurant experience where everyone is welcome. Share food from all over the world, enjoy a colourful drink together with friends, colleagues or family. The stage is yours!

OUR FOOD – Craving a cheeseburger, some pad thai, a bit of crispy chicken and a steak all at once? At Pincho Nation it’s possible. Pick tapas-sized dishes from a large menu served on the Pincho Nation signature plank – please go ahead and tell us if you can think of something better than that! Since our dishes are smaller in size you can easily fit in 5–6. Or 11.Who’s counting? We strive for the menu to have something for every craving and for every palate, which is why we always strive to be innovative and creative when shaking things up on the menu and introducing new dishes.

OUR DRINKS – Of course the drinks follow the great and fun Pincho Nation concept, which means that they are picturesque and tasty. We have it all – sweet, sour, bitter, cold, warm, fresh, fruity and with or without alcohol. We dare say that we have something for every taste and mood, and we often update the drink menu to fit the season. Count on our brilliant bartenders to always serve you something Pincholicious with a twist!

OUR ATMOSPHERE – It’s a spectacular show that sparks your imagination! Never underestimate the power of a twirling ballerina in the ceiling, effectful sounds coming from surprising places (like the restroom) and the smell of popcorn dancing into your nose when you first arrive. In our restaurants there is always something extravagantly amazing to feast your eyes on every time you visit. Maybe there is a golden monkey hanging from the lamp? A parrot staring at you from the bar? Expect the unexpected. 

OUR APP – At Pincho Nation you never have to wait for service. Just order through the app and you’ll receive a notification when the order is ready for pick-up. When it’s time to check out and go home, simply pay through the app or call our eminent waiters for help. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. More about the app here.

OUR FRANCHISE – Pincho Nation is a franchise with approximately 70 units opened since 2012. We believe that our franchisees are our superheroes and see ourselves as a great big family. Want to know more about franchising your very own Pincho Nation?

Sustainability at Pincho Nation

At Pincho Nation, a durable world is important. This means that we try to make choices and act in a sustainable way for the people and for the environment. Find out more about our ongoing projects. 



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